East Coast Water Blasters is an authorised dealer for Spitwater Pressure Cleaners, Vacuum and Extraction Cleaners and Jetfire LPG / Spitfire Diesel fired heaters and dryers in Newcastle, The Central Coast and The Hunter Valley. The Pressure Cleaners are complimented with Nerta's range of "touch-less" cleaning chemicals.

So, why choose Spitwater?

Choose Spitwater because they have been manufacturing quality equipment since 1983

Choose Spitwater because they are a market leader in product innovation

Choose Spitwater because they support their distribution network with product training and stock a vast range of spare parts, but above all........

Choose Spitwater because they are Australian Made and Owned


East Coast Water Blasters supplies a range of high quality products and can give you the right advice on the pressure cleaner that you need.


Whether you are looking for an electric, petrol or diesel high pressure cleaner, you can be sure to find what you need in our product catalogue.

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Spitwater Authorised Dealer
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Cold Water Electric Pressure Cleaners
Cold Water Hydraulic Pressure Cleaners
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Cold Water Petrol Pressure Cleaners
Hot Water Electric Pressure Cleaners
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Hot Water Skid Mount Pressure Cleaners

Need advice on which product is best for you? Providing a specialised service from Gosford and the Central Coast of NSW, through Newcastle and Lake Macquarie and right in the Hunter Valley, we can help you find the right water blaster for your needs.


Whether you need a Petrol, Electric or Diesel pressure cleaner, specialised cleaning solution, or just need some advice on which product is right for you, Contact Us Today to ensure you get the right product for you.